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Taylor Kristopher Wishart

"Gonna be your man in motion, all I need is a pair of wheels."

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Name:Taylor Kristopher Wishart
Birthdate:Jun 2
Location:New York, United States of America
Website:@ dreamlikenewyork

Taylor Kristopher Wishart

Taylor Kristopher Wishart was the middle child of three and the only boy. The was a six year age gap between him and his older sister, Tracey, but only 11 months gap between him and his younger sister, Tanya. Because their mother and father both had names beginning with T (Tim and Trudy), their dad humoured their mother in continuing the "family tradition". Tim was a hard-working guy who rebuilt old cars to their former glory with a huge passion for Chevys. He had his own business that brought in a comfortable wage to support his family which allowed Trudy to be a stay-at-home mom with Taylor and Tanya came along in quick succession.

A year after Tanya was born, however, she started having an affair with one of Tim's customers, who also happened to be a drug dealer. She got caught up in drugs and when she came home high from a "shopping trip with her friends", Tim hit the roof and kicked her out, furious that she had come near the kids in the state she was in. It lead to a huge argument where she told him she hated him and she didn't give a shit about the kids anyway. It left Tim a single father, though Trudy came and went in their lives as they grew up when she was in and out of rehab, back and forth between clean and using. When she was clean, she was a great and attentive mother and Tim agreed to visitation rights as long as her drug tests were clean. The family grew up in Ann Arbor, Michigan, but when their parents split, Trudy moved to Chicago and in with the guy she was having the affair with.

Taylor was an average kid. He had an artistic streak that he got off his father and loved to play sports, particularly basketball. He did well in both through school, had a large group of friends, and when he turned 16, he started working with his dad to save for art college. One day, Taylor had spent the weekend with his mom in Chicago but needed to be back in Ann Arbor by the afternoon to start on a special project at the workshop with his dad. He couldn't wait to get back home either because his mom had barely been home and he had that horrible feeling she was using again. She was angry at him for wanting to go back to his father when it was "her time with him", which she tried to hold over him because both his sisters had refused to see her in the few years prior, fed up with her volatile ways.

She got into an argument with Taylor as soon as she got into the car with him, giving him a mouthful for being a bad son who didn't care about her. It was too late by the time Taylor realised she was high and drunk, veering through the streets over the speed limit, taking corners dangerously as she continued to rant and rave at him. He had screamed at her to stop the car so he could get out, but she was completely off her face. He tried one last attempt to demand she pull over before someone got hurt, when she took the corner too fast and lost control of the 4-wheel drive completely. It careened onto the sidewalk in front of a school and Taylor had just a split second to realise there were kids around before the truck slammed right into a school boy who had the right of way and stepped out onto the pedestrian crossing.

The boy was Jace Turner, just 11 years old. After the truck hit him, it spun and collided into a lamp post, impacting Taylor's side of the car. He was trapped inside and the accident would leave him with a spinal cord injury that would see him in a wheelchair for the rest of his life. Ultimately, he managed to recover well otherwise. He had a concussion and a couple of cracked ribs, both healed well. He was sent to a spinal injury rehab centre in New York, and once he was discharged with new skills of navigating the wheelchair and trying to keep on living, he decided to stay living in New York with his Aunty Hannah, his dad's twin sister.

But Jace wasn't so lucky and Taylor spent many a day wondering and worrying about the boy. He had heard vague information that Jace survived but was badly brain injured. The last Taylor managed to hear was that no one was sure if Jace would regain consciousness, and if he did, if he would have any quality of life. After that, the family seemed to clamp down on Jace's privacy and it was one of those stories that just faded to black despite the massive fundraising locals did to help the family during the tough time. Taylor's mother was sent to prison for grievous bodily harm, driving under the influence, and being in possession of a large quantity of heroine, which Taylor later found out she was carrying to deal in Ann Arbor and surrounding areas. She got a lengthy prison sentence and Taylor refused to have anything to do with her ever since.


"I can see the new horizon
underneath the blazin' sky
I'll be where the eagle's
flying higher and higher
Gonna be your man in motion,
all I need is a pair of wheels
Take me where my future's lyin'"

- St. Elmo's Fire, John Parr

He managed to get his life back on track after he recovered, still being accepted into college at the New York Academy of Art. He never wanted to go back to Chicago, and found it easier to just start afresh on life completely having had to get used to being wheelchair bound with a sheer determination to still live a normal life. He even started to play wheelchair basketball and plays competition every year. He considers himself bisexual and had a couple of relationships here and there, all which parted on good terms, and he doesn't mind the single life. He's never been the desperate and dateless sort, figuring shit will happen if shit's supposed to happen.

Never once has Jace been very far from his mind. Which is why he won't be convinced it wasn't kismet when, one day when he was getting a new tattoo, he nearly fell out of his seat when Jace's name was suddenly being passed by him. He was sitting in the chair minding his own business when his regular ink artist, Jo, was doing his latest design. That was when her girlfriend, Kate, dropped by and asked where "Turner" was. Taylor didn't even think anything of it as Jo was finishing up her job on his forearm, and she replied that "Jacey couldn't make it, having a bad day". It felt like ice water had been tipped down his back as he sat there feeling somewhat numb and listened to the exchange between the two women, and Kate saying she would "take them over some soup" on her way home.

Taylor hated himself for what he did next, but he could stop himself. The job was done and he thanked her, paid, and left, which is when he waited outside for Kate to leave and followed her first to a deli to get soup and then a block or so away to the apartment block where Jace lived. Again, he tried to talk himself out of it, but only briefly. The curiosity and lengthy desire for years to know what came of Jace got the better of him. He was still, to this day, plagued with nightmares of the kid's body hitting their windscreen, the one part of the accident he remembered. He went and knocked on the door, and it was Jace's fiance, Jesse who answered, understandable wary and super protective of Jace.

But he heard Taylor out, to which Taylor would be eternally grateful for. He was a nice guy, listened to everything Taylor had to say but didn't offer much information on Jace. What he did confirm was that Jace was relatively okay, all things considered, though he had long term medical issues from the accident. Jesse didn't elaborate, and he didn't promise Taylor that he could get Jace to see him or talk to him. He said he would leave the ball in Jace's court and took his contact details.

Tayor has no idea how he would truly cope facing Jace, knowing it was his own mother who nearly killed him from being so absolutely stupid, reckless, and self-absorbed. She nearly killed both of them, and Taylor hated that. Which is the very essence of why he became an Art Therapy Aide, working with Art Therapists who work with brain-injured children to use art to stimulate brain functioning. He loves his job, and he's very emotionally invested in it. Though he has never been abel to forget about that one kid who led him on every single path his life had ended up taking, and all he has ever wanted to do was somehow try to put just a little bit of right to all the wrong his mother caused.

Taylor is an Original Character created for PSL/musebox, [community profile] dreamlikenewyork.

This is an roleplay and muse journal for character Taylor Wishart, an original character written for [community profile] dreamlikenewyork PSL/musebox. All rights and written entries by [personal profile] pairofwheels is original work and owned by his creator. Journal and character is for roleplay and enjoyment purposes only. Taylor's PB is Brenton Thwaites.

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